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It has been a while since I had last lurked here and all I can say is wow....
just to let everyone know, my narcoleptic muse has been slumbering while i have been caught up with work. i did want to apologize to those of you who i haven't had a chance to comment on or keep up with.... i haven't forgotten anyone. i do see that in the span that i was gone there are nearly 300 deviations i have missed and nearly 200 journals :fear:
i hope everyone has been doing swell and i will do my best to play catch up.

luv, peace, and chicken grease :aww:… :evillaugh:
though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil...... for i am evil :evillaugh:
alright, so i was sound asleep :sleep: when my phone would not quit ringing and being i only had 5 hrs of sleep i groggily answered it. :x
It was (:spidey:), who apparently was at work and wanted me to settle a debate they were having with a co-worker. :slap:

they were :matrixfight: about what it is called when all the given letters of a word are jumbled together forming another (a.k.a anagram) and what its called when all given letters of a word represent another...(a.k.a acronym) :nerd:

well the first one i knew in my half-awake/sleep state :yawn: and the last one was on the tip of my tongue and i told ( :spidey: ) that i would call back in 5 mins after i woke up. :yawnstretch:

so sitting up in bed the word came to me so i reached for my discarded phone and called them back..... :phonecall:

now let me explain something to those who have yet to get to know me.... plain and simple i am a smart arse, esp if goaded :poke:  
and i am just a naturally sarcastic and facetious person :devilish:  ... so anyways.... (:spidey:'s)  co-workers like to mess with me when they have a chance and will try to give me a hard time...naturally i thought this being the case/one of those times.... :slow:

the person that did answer the phone, answered in a casual manner asking
'who do this be' :confused:
so it was a fine opportumity to be all smart arse since they 'should' know who this was. :o  
being i am still tired as fuck and this was beginning to eat into too much of my sleepy nappy nap time :sleepy:
after about 2 minutes of banter :bonk: and them repetively asking 'who is this'
I finally answered 'No hablo inglés'  
and started gabbing in random spanish etc  :blahblah:

At this point the mystery person responds:
'you got the wrong number you crazy beotch' :psychotic: :crazy:
and hung up on me. :finger:  :lmao:

needless to say i apparently dialed the wrong number. :paranoid:
upon finally reaching ( :spidey: ) just to satisfy curiousity, it wasnt a co-worker who answered my call... :shrug:
at least ( :spidey: ) and their co-workers got one helluva laugh  at my crazy ass :boogie:
and thankfully i didnt immediately start giving some random stranger an english lesson :stupidme: :p